"He laid one second on his desk to rest his eyes, the wood was cold.
His eyes watered, then his cheeks, his mouth and finally his chin, his whole face was wet and the icy wind would be freezing him. He put on his black blazer that was hanging over the back of his seat and he laid again; he felt increasingly cold and his face got wetter, more and more. He closed his eyes and a puddle was formed under his head. His left ear and his hair got a little wet. He opened his eyes.

The sound of his breathing became increasingly slower, and any slight movement of his head caused the sound of his wet cheeks against the cold wood.
He closed his eyes."


"Ya sé que la sonrisa es un gesto que se expresa con los labios, pero los párpados de aquel niño que aparecía en esa imagen azulada eran como pequeños labios que también sonreían."