This project consists in a series of ten portraits engraved on glass, portraits that belong to ten insignia characters of the horror films culture that now are immortalized on a glass that seems to glow, becoming a prelude to what these characters embody through their faces and gazes.
Serious and hard Golem factions, the penetrating gaze and the sardonic smile of Harry Powell, the clouded eyes of Henry Spencer, the petrified face of Laura Palmer, the cold face of Cesare, the mystery of Nosferatu, the position of Dr. Jekyll and the estrangement of Mr. Hyde, the penetrating gaze of the Phantom of the Opera, and a disturbing story that unravels the portrait of Max Cady and Sam Bowden.

All these portraits arouse emotions related to terror and take us into a world resulting from fears and emotions that invite us to discover the mystery behind each one of them.
This series of engraved glass was born in the interest that the artist, Juan Sebastian Rojas, has in the material and its relationship wiht the spectra, while deeply interacting with horror, the invisible and reflection as an image of the unreal and the imaginary; a psychological threshold between reality and fantasy.