The contemporary artist, Juan Sebastián Rojas, from Bogotá, Colombia, has exhibited his work in different cities, including New York, Athens, Buenos Aires and Bogotá.

Throughout his career he has been interested in the art as a way to complex everyday thinking through the countless plastic means to be found, and thus develop different signs produced by the thought and the sensitivity he has for the world.

He unfolds within the arts through different analog and digital media depending on the needs that are presented during any creative process, considering the importance of all learning, whether theoretical or practical; the arts require versatility and extensive knowledge of the world around us.

In addition to the strictly related to the fine arts, he has also shown a great interest in languages, so he has studied French and English language, which has also influenced his work in some way enriching it with a global point of view, also having the opportunity to make written publications.

He has shown interest in the interdisciplinarity of the arts with writing and filming, giving great breadth to his vision as an artist.

During his career, his work has had the opportunity of being featured in different media, such as television, radio and newspapers.